Build the Bank of the Future

05 November 2018 - 27 May 2019

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Welcome to Banking Innovation 

Build the Bank of the Future

A fast approaching future ... The rules have changed, but on your terms. The world of banking is no longer the same, revolutionized by years of technological innovation and social and economic shifts. Which kind strategist are you? How do you stand out in such a competitive environment?

Reveal your inner strategist at Banking Innovation 2018-2019,  organized by ARKEA, HSBC, Sia Partners and AGEFI.


Banking Innovation offers the unique opportunity for students and young graduates to choose a profession or a banking function to be transformed by an innovative vision. The competition runs through a number of stages, starting with the production of a one page proposal outlining your idea, alongside a business case highlighting the area it will disrupt, which will be reviewed by a jury. Make an impression? If so, you will then progress to the technical design stage, working on a prototype or proof-of-concept.


Can't make your mind up ...?

Banking is an alien concept to you?

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New to or unfamiliar with innovation projects? Not to worry, once your idea has been submitted, you will be supported by a sponsor from a consulting firm or a firm with major innovation capabilities.

Worried about working alone? You can submit your proposal as a team or we can assign you one during our first Generation Innovation evening.

Along the way, you will also have the opportunity to meet the sponsors and organizers of the contest to discuss your proposal.

Find all the information about the organizers of Generation Innovation in the section "Who are we?"

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Banking Innovation - The Bank of the Future

Banking Innovation offers participants the opportunity to win up to € 7,000 for the winner, € 5,000 for  the runner up and € 3,000 for third place.



Second place: 

5 000€

First place:

7 000€





Third place:

3 000€


Key information

The contest is open to all students and those who have graduated less than two years ago, individually or as a team (up to 3 people).


Launch Party: Meet the juries and other candidates during the launch party on January 24 2019 to finalize your team and meet your coach who will support you with your project.  
Registration: Whether or not you are alone or in a team, register on the website before February 5th along with your explanatory page of your project. 


Development: Develop your Business Case until February 24th and, if your project is selected, develop your prototype until April 30th. 


The Pitch: Face a jury of experts and attend our awards night on May 27th

Consult the terms of the contest

Key dates

Registration Opens
Launch party
End of registration – One-pager submission
Business case submission
Prototype submission
awards ceremony



Are you ready to join Banking Innovation? Don't wait any longer: register by clicking on the sign up button and filling out the form before 5/02/2019, then send your documents to! Each team member will receive a registration confirmation and instructions for the next steps of the competition.



Team set up

Participating teams must be composed of 1 to 3 people. The competition is open to students or recent graduates (of less than 2 years) from any university. Please note that the teams can bring together students from different universities, diversity and diversity of profiles being encouraged. All information concerning the members of each team will be specified when completing the Registration Form.


Phase 1: One-Pager and Business Case - Conceptualize your idea, then sell your project!

This stage presents the opportunity to show your creativity to the jury by proposing an innovative concept for the banking sector, involving a new technological platform of your choice.

Two documents will be submitted: a One-pager (by 5/02/2019) and a Business Case by (24/02/2019)

The one-pager is a concise summary of your Business Case. It allows you to synthesize and schematize your project, and to highlight  certain key elements of your proposal. It also allows you to highlight the key objectives of your project.

You can combine description/drawing/planning ... It’s entirely up to you to select what you think is relevant.
The aim is to evaluate your ability to synthesize, to help you simplify a complex message and finally, to project yourself into the working world by asking you to formalize your ideas as startups do through pitching.

This document will summarize your idea to the jury and help determine who is your first sponsor. Pay attention to it!


To carry out your Business Case, a document with the various aspects expected of you from the jury is at your disposal to guide you in writing and allow you to better understand the expectations of the jury. Some parts are not completed to allow you to develop topics that you deem relevant to your Business Case. Be creative and stand out!

Describe your Business Case as a whole, not forgetting any aspect: functioning, competitive advantages, examples, technical aspects, project aspects, etc. The more complete and coherent your project is, the better it will be evaluated by the jury. Do not forget that you will not be able to make an oral presentation of your final result at the end of Phase 1, and that the jury will only have what you have put down on paper to judge you, so be clear!

Phase 2: Proof Of Concept - Developing your Idea

During the second phase of the contest, each team will be supported by one or more coaches from the partner companies. Several deliverables constituting the PoC (Proof Of Concept) are required and must be submitted by 30/04/2019. The final judgement of the projects and the selection of the 3 winning teams will be based on the oral presentations, which will take place in mid-May 2019.


The PoC aims to put your idea and the associated Business Case into practice, and to prove the feasibility and viability of your concept. It’s about proving that it can work!

For the development of your prototype, you do not have any technical constraints. You can choose to develop it autonomously or use an API (Application Programing Interface). You are also free to choose the language or tool depending on the technology you choose.

In addition to the script or code of the prototype that you have developed, you will have to prepare a user guide and provide a demonstration of the application during your oral presentation. For this, you will also be invited to present your project development approach with a presentation to support you. The oral presentation of your project will be divided into 2 parts: 30 minutes of demonstration of your PoC then 30 minutes of Q&A.

The documents and deliveries required by April 30 are therefore the following:



  1. Commented Script/code of the prototype

  2. User Guide

  3. Business Case  

  4. Presentation of your project development approach

  5. Presentation support (it might be your Business Case)

  6. Application demonstration