There are many factors at the heart of the redesign and remodeling of banks, its business lines and its functions:

  • The development of disruptive technologies (blockchain)

  • Evolution of various forms of currency (cryptocurrencies)

  • Transformation of customers’ needs and expectations (digital, flexibility, customization, standardization)

  • The rise of new players in the financial services market (fintechs, crowdfunding - crowdlending – crowdequity, robot-advisors)

  • The opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence and data mining (Big Data)



Banks must adapt, and the future offers countless possibilities.


But, you may ask, what exactly is meant by a bank? What are the careers that lie within? What are its functions? What are the opportunities that are presented by technology?


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Some Case Studies

The following selection of projects offers insights into innovations that are already shaping the bank of tomorrow. It's up to you to build yours!

HSBC, in partnership with ING, has announced that it has carried out a trade finance transaction through a credit letter for a shipment of soybeans issued by blockchain, and thus completed the transaction within 24 hours instead of 5 at 10 days.

CIB x Blockchain

HSBC, the largest European bank, has announced plans to use AI technology  created by British start-up Quantexa to screen the data of its customers and their transactions, which can then be compared with other public data ( Relationships, phone numbers, addresses, news and information on the internet) which will help identify suspicious activity.

Compliance - Financial crime x AI

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa is innovating in its dealings with the requests of customers (subscriptions, card applications, loan applications) by optimizing its processes. The bank is dramatically cutting excess materials in circulation, first with paper flows, and then electronic flows such as e-mails.

Retail x Robotics

Amy is a virtual bank adviser who can help her clients 24/7 Sia Partners has developed a web application to retrieve and compare the interest rates of different banks for consumer loans and mortgages. It is based on the automation of web requests,  launching a detailed analysis of the banks being studied and their position in the market. Data Captures competitive pricing and analysis technology has been leveraged to provide real-time market benchmark data.

Retail x Visualisation

Arkéa, in partnership with IBM, has announced plans to verify the identity of customers and the KYC process (Know Your Customer) with the use of a private blockchain.

Compliance x Blockchain

The Latin American subsidiary of HSBC will use FacePhi, a facial recognition software, to allow customers who want to verify their account to identify themselves via a selfie.

Retail (Account Management)

 x IoT

The startup Yelloan, Finance Innovation Fintech Of The Year 2016, is launching the first chatbot dedicated entirely to consumer credit in France with Financo, the specialist subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa.

Retail x Chatbot

Sia Partners is developing a new approach to fraud detection in a diverse range of sectors (banking, insurance, energy...), by developing a Bot which can collect the data delivered by different counters, then aggregating and analyzing this large stream of data thanks to a technology born out of Machine Learning.

Retail x AI

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa has invested in Max, an application that serves as a personal finance assistant to its users, specifically with help on financial products. The assistant can be reached 24/7 via chat or e-mail and the application will create an account, group all bank accounts and centralize them on a single bank card. AI  technology will then analyse this data to offer its user banking products adapted to his situation, such as a real estate credit or a product for consumption.

Retail x AI

Amy is a virtual bank adviser who can help her clients 24/7

Retail (Client Relations + Helpdesk functionality) x Chatbot